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Our Core Values

What WeUsed2bu Stands For

• Professing Jesus Christ – Sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ. Teaching salvation through repentance of sins and believing and confessing Jesus Christ as Lord.
• Providing Wise Counsel – Using the Word of God to teach truth and to help guide others down the right path for their lives.
• Giving Hope – By sharing our life experiences and testimonies of our Lord’s faithfulness to us.
• Having Faith – Faith in God’s promises; knowing that He will never allow His Word to return void.
• Loving Others – By serving and ministering to them with the gifts and talents that the Lord has given us.
• Promoting Christian Living – Encouraging, edifying, and exhorting women to live wisely, to be pure and holy, and to submit to the Lord.
• Praying Without Ceasing – Tearing down strongholds, interceding for others, and lifting them up in prayer, assured that our prayers avail much.
• Leading By Example –Living holy and righteous lives pleasing unto God. Producing the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.
• Sharing The Truth – Without compromise, not trying to win approval of people, but of God.
• Providing A Judgment-Free Question Forum – There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Always believing the best and hoping the best for every one.
• Respecting Privacy – Protecting the identity of those seeking counsel. Never gossiping about others’ problems, trials, or shortcomings.

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