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Contributing writer

WeUsed2bu Volunteer Contributing Writer Requirements and Description

Writers Must:

1) Meet the servant requirements described in Titus 2: 3-5.
2) Be born-again women, ages 25 and up.
3) Have a heart for young women and teenage girls.
4) Be committed to prayer, scripture reading, and weekly church attendance.
5) Submit a letter from a pastor who personally knows them, testifying to their character and spiritual walk.
6) Provide two letters of reference from people who have known them at least two years (one must not be a family member).
7) Give a short written testimony as to why they feel God called them to this ministry.
8) Submit a minimum of three articles to be reviewed by the ministry team.

Writers Will:

1) Commit to a minimum of one submitted article per month.
2) Always purpose to encourage, strengthen, and build up others with the material they provide to the blogsite/website.
3) Commit to prayer for wisdom before writing their material.
4) For featured writers: Conform their writing to the monthly theme and specific topic assigned to them, and honor the deadline imposed by the monthly schedule.
5) Writers may use personal life experiences to be included in their material; however, this information is never to supercede or replace the authority and testimony of God’s Word.
6) Be able to utilize a variety of writing content, including Christian living articles, poems, etc.
7) When appropriate, support the use of other resources such as Christian books, music, and/or websites.
8) Sign up to receive automatic email notifications of questions, as well as updates and instructions from the ministry team.
9) Be able to post their ready-made button or logo on the WeUsed2bu sponsors and friends page, which will provide a link back to the writer’s blog, ministry, or business homepage.

Writers Will Not:

1) Elevate their own opinions or consider themselves as wise (I Cor. 2:4-5). Rather, they should fear the Lord and acknowledge His wisdom (Prov. 3:5-8).
2) Minimize the consequences of sin (Rom. 3:23), but rather emphasize salvation and the mercy of God (James 2:13).
3) Compromise Christ’s position or testimony, and His place in contemporary society. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and His word is as active and viable now as it ever was or will be (Hebrews 4:12, 13:8)
4) Use vulgar language, or include references to situations, experiences, or material that would be considered gossip or create a stumbling block in someone else’s walk. All writing should provide necessary edification and be governed by the Holy Spirit in that it provides grace to the reader (Rom. 14:13, Eph.4:29-32). Please also take the time to read our editing policy.

If you feel led to volunteer as a contributing writer, then we would like to hear from you. Please include your letters of reference, three articles, brief testimony, and a statement as to why you feel called to this ministry, and email them to advice@weused2bu.com . Include a contact number, and best time to reach you. Please put in the subject: Contributing writer.

All applicants meeting the above criteria will be prayerfully considered. Applicants will be notified once final approval is given by the ministry team leader.