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Editiorial Policy

Submitted articles go through a two-tier editing process, the first for grammar, punctuation, and syntax, and the second for content and theme.  Most articles will not be returned to a writer for correction during the first tier.  However, it may be necessary for an article to be returned to the writer during the second tier process, if the content that needs to be rewritten is substantial and/or must be amended to better serve the reader.  Articles that are edited for length or for changes that will have a negligible impact (such as simple phrasing) will not be sent back to the writer. 


We appreciate all types of writing styles, and we want to preserve the integrity of your writing as much as possible.  There is always, however, a greater responsibility:  To meet the need of the WeUsed2bu readers by  communicating the Word and its teachings as clearly and correctly as possible.  WeUsed2bu strives to be a place where we sincerely and accurately use the platform God has given us with the highest sense of accountability and purpose.