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Guest Author

We are looking for guest authors to write articles that help support our vision by providing godly counsel, wisdom, and insight to our readers.  Most importantly, you must be a Holy Spirit-filled Christian, full of of the Word of God, and following the teachings of Christ in your life.   In addition, submissions must conform to the guidelines below:

1.  The topic can be focused on any aspect of Christian living or teen related issues.
2.  Keep them relatively short, as blog readers are scanners, or are busy, or both.
3.  Send it either as a .txt file or .rtf file (this way we can cut and paste fairly easily).
4.  Let us know if we should use a pseudonym; otherwise we’ll use your real name.
5.  We will acknowledge your name and your site at the start of the post. We will also post a ready-made button or logo (that you provide) that will link back to your blog, ministry, or business home page.
6.  We  reserve the right not to use your article, or to edit as needed, as we  maintain overall editorial control; but for most  pieces, we probably won’t edit them at all.

Share Your Testimony

Below are the submission guidelines.

1.  Condense your testimony to 1000 words or less.
2.  The focus should always be to give glory to God.
3.  You must include:
      a. Who you are
      b.  A brief testimony
      c.  How God has delivered you, and
     d.  Closing with words of edification and encouragement which will help strengthen our readers’ faith.

Please submit your articles or testimony to advice@weused2bu.com.