The First Christmas Carol
December 3, 2014 – 9:09 am | No Comment

By Lynn Mosher
What is one of the best elements about Christmas, aside from the obvious of Jesus’ birth? The presents? The tree? The food? Nope! For me, it’s the music!
I love all the Christmas music. …

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Dating God’s Way

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Living Life To The Fullest

Submitted by on June 5, 2009 – 12:45 pm5 Comments

cheatingAnonymous’ response to the posting ‘I Am Proud To Have Sex Before Marriage’

You guys are all brainwashed. Just listen to all of you. Raping killing And stealing are all irrelevent to this matter. It never once states in your book that oral marital sex is bad. Just cheating on your husband or wife otherwise known as adultery. I believe if that person is ready they should not be bound by a book. They need to live life to the fullest. Look at your life 20 years down the road and ask yourself, was holding back worth it?? I mean your only on this planet once. Buy a car, plant a tree, go sky diving, mess around with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

A New Me comments..

The “Living Life to the Fullest” mentality…..
Is it really worth it?!

Dear Weused2bu readers:

We wanted to address a common thought process that many people still follow, which has continued to be destructive and result in a lot of heartache. The “Live Life to the Fullest” mentality is one that has through history proven to be an extremely costly way of living. Not only is this mentality very immature in the sense of “doing whatever makes you happy, regardless of who gets hurt,” but it is also not how God wants us to live. We can be like the world and live life at a whim, or we can choose to be bigger than this world. We can choose to be different and make a difference, because 20 years down the road, who wants to be suffering from a decision made recklessly today?
Collectively, the counselors of Weused2bu have all at one time or another “lived life to the fullest” without God, not caring about what we did, who it offended or hurt, or how God wanted us to live. If you take a look at our testimonies you can see that more often than not, this way of life led to situations that destroyed us. Thank God for His redemptive power. Whether it be the one night stand that led to pregnancy, the drive home from the club that resulted in an accident, the bad decision leading to incarceration, or the sexual encounter with that person we didn’t know so well that ended in a positive HIV test, these kinds of decisions are all based on the “living life to the fullest” mentality. We all know of somebody that really messed up their life and/or future by living recklessly; this is why our loving God has laid out a clear-cut template on how we should be living. This way, we don’t have to make those mistakes.
Don’t get me wrong, following God’s ways and living according to the Bible doesn’t mean that we can’t live life to the fullest; in fact, it’s the opposite. Jesus said in John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the fullest.” Could it be any clearer than this? Where in the unwritten book of “fun life” does it say that we have to live with reckless abandon (without regard of consequences)? Can’t we love God, be faithful to our spouses, remain pure in spirit and body and still be “living it up?” The answer emphatically is ABSOLUTELY YES!!

Just 2 years ago, I would have said, “Man, I’m living life to the fullest,” but where did that get me…on a detox bed, suffering from a near overdose because “life was so good.” The parties were non-stop, the money was long-lasting, and the liquor was steadily flowing, and all the while I had 4 children with 2 different women that barely knew me. That was where it got me, and it is only by God’s grace that I now have a real life: My children love me, my wife respects me, and I have the comfort and peace in my life that surpasses all understanding (John 14:27). My life has a meaning, and it’s not because of reckless living, but rather where I ended up by living recklessly and realizing that there is a Savior out there that cares more for my life than I did.

Take a look at the testimonies from the counselors and then ask yourself if “living life to the fullest” without God is truly worth it. Some decisions we make today cannot be swept under the rug or easily forgotten. Some choices we make today will affect the rest of our lives—and that’s just real talk! I would rather look back at my past, 20 years down the road, and say, “I had a good life, loved God and treated others well” instead of saying, “Man, I wish I would have never…..” you fill in the blank. imageoutgodsloveGod, in all His love for us, sent His son to die so that we don’t have to look back and regret. Take that gift and receive it, hold it close to your heart, even though it’s easier not to. Sometimes the things in life that truly have meaning require us to work at it. Living life in reckless abandon never got anyone anywhere worthy of praise; it was Jesus laying down his life for us that gave us our praise. One day we will all have to stand before the Lord Almighty and give an account to all that we’ve done (Romans 14:12). If God forbid your time was to arrive sooner rather than later, how would your account sound? It’s not too late to make a change. Be blessed sisters…

A New Me


  • Sure I have some advice sister, but you may not like it. I pray that God gives you a heart to receive this godly counsel.

    The first thing that came to my heart is a warning from God’s Word which says,

    “Don’t be unequally yolked with unbelievers”

    Read these verses below that clarify this statement above.

    2 Corinthians 6:14-18

    Don’t team up with those who are unbelievers. How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness? What harmony can there be between Christ and the devil? How can a believer be a partner with an unbeliever? And what union can there be between God’s temple and idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God said:

    “I will live in them
    and walk among them.
    I will be their God,
    and they will be my people.
    Therefore, come out from among unbelievers,
    and separate yourselves from them, says the Lord.
    Don’t touch their filthy things,
    and I will welcome you.
    And I will be your Father,
    and you will be my sons and daughters,
    says the Lord Almighty.”

    Sister you are a child of God and being so you are the temple of the living God. He resides in you. Your boyfriend does not have the Spirit of God in him, if he has not accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. You two are from two different worlds. He is of this one and you belong to the kingdom of heaven. Our Father is trying to show you that you two can not be together because your lives contradict each other. It is not God’s will that we join ourselves with unbelievers.

    A perfect example of why not is that you wanted to remain pure because you love God and you want to honor Him with your body, but your boyfriend does not know God and therefore does not care to honor God with his life. He has become a stumbling block in your life and in your obedience to God. The reason why it has gotten easier for you to continue in this sin is because you have hardened your heart to the voice of God in this area, but yet and still God IS working in your heart about this. That is why you came here to WeUsed2bu for advice.

    This is proof that God loves you no matter what. He will NEVER turn His back on you and He is continuing the good work that He has started in your life. However, this is no excuse to continue to do what you know you should not be doing. That would be taking advantage of God’s grace and mercy. As believers in Christ Jesus and children of God, we are supposed to show our Daddy our love by being obedient and living lives worthy of the name of Christ.

    My advice to you would be to break it off immediately with your boyfriend. Ask God to give you the strength to do this and He will. Draw close to God and allow yourself to fall so in love with Him that you don’t allow yourself to give your ear to men that will only serve to hinder or drive a wedge between your relationship with God. He needs to become number one. When you put Him first everything else will fall into place. He knows your heart’s desire and He will bring you the right guy, in His timing. He knows best, trust Him and get into His Word so that you are better prepared when you start dating again.

    Also, I have a couple of articles I would like to share with you as well as a category with different articles that I think will also help you. Here are the articles:

    Check the Spiritual Fruit

    Do You Have To Kiss Alot Of Frogs To Meet Your Prince Charming?

    & Mission For Mr. Right

    The category I wanted to share is called:

    ‘Dating God’s Way’

    I pray that something I’ve said here or something said in one of these articles help you fulfill God’s will for your life.

    There is one last Scripture that came to my heart that I want to leave you with. It’s Amos 3:3

    “Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?”


    Trophy of Grace

  • Lexie says:

    I am christian, i had slept with 3 boyfriends before i vowed to wait and not have sex untill marriage. This is a very hard vow to keep when you have a boyfriend that is not christian. I broke my vow with his 2 weeks ago and I was very up set at the time but we have continued to do it and I do not feel so bad now. I still have faith in God and Jesus and know that I am always loved. I’m not sure what is going to happen in the future but I hope marriage will be one of them.
    its not easy… :(

    any advice out there??

  • Danci says:

    AMEN! I loved how you worded all that and you are SO right! :)

  • admin says:

    Thanks for sharing this sister. You are right! Our Lord takes what the enemy means to destroy us and turns it for our good because we are His children and He loves us dearly. We would love to her from her and have her share her story with the readers of WeUsed2bu. Sharing our testimonies with other and telling others of how our Lord has lifted us up out of the miry clay is how we defeat the enemy, by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Rev. 12:11 Thanks for sharing your blessed my sister.

  • Cleo says:

    One of my best friends lost her virginity a few monthes ago. She was 17 but because she wanted to “live life to the fullest” she chose not to wait. The result of that, the guy who claimed he loved her and wanted to marry her, dumped her a week later. He had gotten what he wanted so there was no point in sticking around. and later on she found out that during the time they were dating he had gotten another girl pregnant. She was completely devastated.
    Fortunately my friend was able to get her life back on track. She’s gone back to church and has recomitted her life to Jesus. The whole experience has made her into a stronger person and she uses her mistake as a testimony to reach out to her peers and friends. Just goes to show that God can take the worst situation and turn it around for good. If you were to talk to her she would certainly tell all the months of dealing with a broken heart and the massive guilt she endured wasn’t worth it at all.

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