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Please Pray For My BFF And My Guy Friend They Are Both Special To Me

Submitted by on December 24, 2009 – 8:00 amNo Comment

Myspace friend writes…

hey girls,

well iam kinda having a bad day right now, because first of all my best friends dad is in the hospital and he’s taking some tests and they are christians and the other one is my guy friend ronnie, i mentioned him last time he is having a bad time right now where he lives and it sounds like he’s going to commited suicide and i am afraid for him. i care about him alot but he’s going threw so much frustration and i need some verses to show him, so if u have any verses from the bible that mentions suicide and frustration please write them down. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY BEST FRIEND AND MY GUY FRIEND they are both special to me.

Beloved By Him replies…

Dear friend,

I would love to share some scriptures with you—some for your friends, and some for you, because you’ve got a lot going on in your life, and we want you to be encouraged and lifted up, so that you can lift up the others who need it. God comforts us so that we can comfort others (II Cor. 1:4). So let’s look at some verses to encourage you, and then we’ll look at some for the people in your life.

tumblr_kthk43dqyv1qzlgb3o1_r1_500No matter what is going on around us, Jesus is constant. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb. 13:8). When there is a storm going on around us, if He is our foundation, then we can take the hit and not be moved (Matt. 7:24-29). If we are under attack, we know that no weapon of the enemy can take us down permanently (Is. 54:17). If we need strength, we know that will give it to us if we will wait on Him (Is. 40:29). And if we just need some peace, some down time where we can unload our burden, Jesus gives us rest when we take our troubles to Him (Matt. 11:28). It’s important if you are going to be in a position to reach out to others, like your best friend and your other friend, that you’re going in the strength God gives, full of His wisdom, not your own, and ready to pray and help in whatever way the Lord wants you to (Eph. 3:16, Ps. 71:16). If we try to help others on our own, we’re going to end up drained and frustrated. If we try to do too much, and be in the place of God, we’re going to get the same results. Instead, we need to commit ourselves, by God’s grace and power, to let the work be God’s, because then even if we’re pouring ourselves out, He will pour His Spirit back into us, and give us strength and wisdom for the situation that we wouldn’t have had otherwise (II Cor. 4:7, Phil. 2:7). Keep spending time reading the Bible, having your quiet time, and praying for the Lord to give you the wisdom, strength, and perseverance you need to help your friends.

It’s great that your best friend’s family is Christian. You can offer to pray with them, share an encouraging scripture, maybe find a way to take up some of the slack that this situation is causing—make a dinner and bring it over, offer to do some chores, go to the store for them. One of the best ways to get out of a bad day, or a bad mood, is to do something to help someone else. It reminds us that we have a lot to be thankful for, it encourages them, and it keeps us from focusing on the negative of the situation. You can be a light to the family, even if they don’t respond the way you think. You can still plant seeds of blessing into their lives, and trust that the Lord will bring the harvest in His time. Maybe you can give them a card with some scriptures about God and healing. One easy place to start is Joyce Meyer’s website, in the scriptures on healing section

(Click here to read the scriptures on healing section by Joyce Meyer’s Ministry)

Especially make yourself available to your friend, to pray with her, listen to her thoughts, and encourage her. It will do her a lot of good to have a godly friend around that she can lean on when she’s down (Prov. 17:17).

conquerors_500With regard to your other friend, there are definitely scriptures you should share with him, but if you are concerned that his mental or physical health is in any danger, you should recommend that he get in touch with a pastor or Christian counselor in his area immediately. Offer to pray with him, and keep praying for him on your own, especially against any demonic forces that are trying to keep him depressed. Share Romans 8 with him. Read verses 31-39 out loud, and any time it says “we” or “us”, put his name instead. It’s a powerful reminder that no situation in our lives separates us from the love of God. Show him John 10:10, where Jesus talks about how the enemy came to destroy, but He came to give us life. Some of the scriptures that have ministered to me most in times of deep despair are from Psalm 115:17-18, Psalm 116, and Psalm 118. In those passages are wonderful scriptures about feeling so sad, even suicidal, but God stepped in and delivered the psalmist from death and depression. Above all, share the gospel with your friend, because Jesus is the only One Who can truly save Him. God’s promises are true, but only those in Christ can claim them (II Cor. 1:20). If your friend will put his trust in Jesus, then he can claim all of God’s wonderful promises as his own. Otherwise, he can’t know God, or have the assurance of the Holy Spirit in his heart (John 8:19, Eph. 1:13). Jesus is the only Way, Truth, and Life that saves us (John 14:6).

Let’s pray for all of you, that God will give you what you need, whether words, works, or just a willing spirit, to keep ministering to your friends, and that His will be done in all of your lives.

Heavenly Father, Dearest Jesus, Wonderful Holy Spirit,

Thank You so much that we can come to You, the God of the whole universe, with our cares and concerns, and you hear us and answer us in Your love and goodness. Thank You for Jesus, Who died for us that we could have abundant life both here and for eternity. Thank You for the Holy Spirit Who gives us wisdom and strength in our inner man, and that You never leave us or forsake us. I pray right now for my sister, who cares for the people you have put in her life, for their health and their well-being. I pray that she would be able, by the example of her actions and by the words of her mouth, to show them Your love through her. I ask that You would give her strength to serve them, Your wisdom to share Your word with them, and a steadfast spirit to sustain her during this time. I pray that you would give her best friend’s father good results from his test, and that you would bring anything to light that needs healing, so that he can get excellent care, and that he would be healed and restored to his family. Please strengthen them also, and I pray that they would draw closer to You as their only Rock and Salvation. I pray that the other friend also would see that you are the One Who can deliver him from all his destructions, and that you can do the impossible for your people. I pray that he would come to know you as his Lord and Savior, and that his life would become a testimony to your amazing grace and love. Please save these people from all that has come against them, and show Yourself mightily on their behalf. I especially ask that you would lift up my sister and give her peace and even joy in You during this time. We love you Lord, because You first loved us, and we are so grateful and thankful for Your love and for being able to bring You our prayer requests. We give You all the glory, and we wait on You expectantly. Thank You, Lord Jesus, in Your name we pray, Amen.

We love you, sister, please let us know how things are going.


Beloved by Him

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